How to Watch 2024 NBA Finals Online Without Cable (2024)

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We’re down to the last two teams for the season. The 2024 NBA Finals features the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks, and there are only a few games left to see which team will hoist the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy at the end of the series.

With tip-off just around the corner, keep reading to find out how to watch the NBA Finals with and without cable, as well as how to find last-minute tickets to games.

At a glance: Watch 2024 NBA Finals online

  • When Game 1 starts on June 6 at 5:30 p.m. PT/8:30 p.m. ET
  • TV channel ABC
  • Stream online DirecTV, Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, Sling

WATCH NBA Finals with Directv Stream

How to Watch the 2024 NBA Finals Online Without Cable

NBA Finals has the Dallas Mavericks taking on the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in Boston, Mass. Game 1 broadcasts live on ABC on Thursday, June 6 with a start time of 5:30 p.m. PT/8:30 p.m. ET.

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You can watch the NBA Finals on any live TV streaming service that offers ABC — see below to find out where to watch NBA games online without a cable subscription.

Editors’ Pick

DirecTV Stream

Sign up For DirectV

Watch the NBA Finals 2024 on ABC, as well as other channels on DirecTV Stream —which says it offers more regional sports networks and live local sports than other streaming TV services. The “Entertainment” package ($70 monthly) offers more than 90 other channels, while other plans offer 125 to 185 channels for $85 to $160 monthly. New subscribers can use a five-day free trial to try out the service before they make a decision to keep watching or cancel altogether.


Watch live NBA Finals on ABC with a subscription to Fubo, which starts at $80 monthly and includes access to more than 100 other news, entertainment and sports channels.

Add the Sports Plus with NFL RedZone channel ($11 monthly) to get access to more sports content (including NBA, NCAA, NFL and MLB games). Meanwhile, you can also record TV shows, movies and games. The online TV streaming service offers a seven-day free trial for new subscribers.

Hulu + Live TV

Sign up For Hulu + Live TV

Watch ABC for the 2024 NBA Finals, as well as more than 75 other major cable news, entertainment and sports channels on-demand with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. It comes bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+ and costs $76 monthly for the ad-supported option and $90 monthly for the ad-free package.

Hulu + Live TV comes with Disney+ and ESPN+, so you can watch thousands of popular TV shows, movies and original content too. Right now, Hulu + Live TV has a three-day free trial available for new subscribers.


Sign up For Sling

Sling Blue ($22.50 for the first month, $45 monthly afterward) is a live TV streaming platform that lets you watch every NBA Finals game online on ABC.

The streaming plan also come with other news, entertainment and sports channels, such as NBC, Fox, Discovery Channel, FS1, MSNBC, NFL Network, Syfy, National Geographic and others. Learn more about watching NBA games with Sling here.

2024 NBA Finals: Game Dates, Schedule

The 2024 NBA Finals starts on Thursday, June 6 and goes through Sunday, June 23, depending if the series goes all seven games. Otherwise, the series could conclude between Friday, June 14 and Thursday, June 20.

See the full 2024 NBA Finals schedule here and the NBA Playoffs bracket, as a whole, here.

How to Watch the 2024 NBA Finals on Cable

The 2024 NBA Finals broadcasts on ABC in the U.S. You can watch online on or the ABC mobile app by logging in with your cable TV provider account.

Where to Buy 2024 NBA Finals Tickets Online

Want to watch Celtics vs. Mavericks in person? Last-minute tickets are available for the NBA Finals at StubHub, Ticket Liquidator, Ticket Network and GameTime —prices depend on the city, either Boston or Dallas, and seat location. For more info, visit

Some of the best deals on tickets are at Vivid Seats, where you can save $20 with code THR2024; or at SeatGeek where you can use promo code HOLLYWOOD10 to save $10 on eligible purchases of $250 and up. Click here for last-minute tickets to NBA Finals games.

Buy NBA Finals Tickets at Vivid Seats

How to Watch 2024 NBA Finals Online Without Cable (2024)


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